⌈ About ⌋

Name: Jacob
Alias: queue
Sex: Male
Birthday: 07-09-1999
Location: Michigan, United States
Favorite Color: Green
Blood Type: O
Autism Level: 2.5
Neurotype: Fairly Lateral - Fairly Lexical

⌈ Alias & Avatar History ⌋

Like most people, I did not have a set name during my early days on the internet. I eventually settled on a long term name during middle school. Most of the names I had came up with up until this point were ones that had I thought "sounded cool" at the time, regardless of how dumb they sounded to other people. These days, I do not like changing my name often. From "QuantumBullet" onward, each successive name is an iteration of the previous. "qDogg" was a joke nickname given by my group of friends online, and so I adopted it as my primary online handle. I highly regret this decision. However, a lot of people would just call me 'q'. As a desperate attempt to get rid of "qDogg", I experimented with "q_" or "q-" or other variations of the sort. This proved annoying for signing up for websites given the minimum character limit. I eventually settled on "queue" given that it has the same pronunciation and has enough characters to register for websites. It is not exactly a unique name so it is usually taken already, so I opt for just adding a hyphen or zero to the end (or whatever else I need to add to get it to work). I do not have any plans on changing my name in the near future as I like it currently for the time being.

As far as avatars, it is a similar deal that I had with naming. I threw the first image together with my amateur Photoshop skills at the time and thought it "looked cool". As my skills in graphic design improved, I would iterate on the original design over the years. Eventually, I abandoned the face-with-blue-eyes aesthetic in favor of a more simplistic look of just a stylized 'Q' and 'D' to match my name. In transitioning to "queue", I wanted an avatar with just the letter 'q' without being too basic. I opted for the letter 'q' from a fictional alphabet from the game "Titan Souls". I have made some slight changes to it since then and I want to change it again, but I am unsure what to do at this moment. Until then, I will continue using my current one since I still like it greatly.

⌈ Miscellaneous History ⌋

Favorite Color: